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Each season we put together an awesome package to get you ready for your next outdoor adventure!


Fall Adventure crew raffle

Hit the road our Fall Adventure Raffle from Aclipse Campervans. Enjoy a two night stay in their fully adventure-outfitted van. Where you head in the campervan is your choice - maybe you’re up for a weekend of climbing and hiking at Red River Gorge. Or perhaps a visit down to the Smoky Mountains. Maybe biking and swimming at Sleeping Bear Dunes is more your style. Wherever you go, Aclipse Campervans will keep you venturing on and sleeping well.

The campervan has you covered:

  • Stay comfortable year round with heat temperature control

  • Vent fan to keep out condensation and keep you cool

  • Bug screens for the back and side door because, hey, fresh air is why you’re out there!

  • Easy booking, pick up, or delivery

  • Solar power lights and USB port to keep your electronics charged

  • Equipped with the best gear to make packing a cinch

Check out more about Aclipse on their website.

Winner drawn October 31



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Congratulations, Tom!

Congratulations, Tom!

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