From the Executive Director

Prompted in part by Adventure Crew’s selection as a 2018 Impact 100 Grant Recipient, Adventure Crew is seen now as a true force of nature throughout Cincinnati!


The wonderful gift of $104,000 from Impact 100 will launch our dedicated project for at-risk foster-teens next summer and carry that work on for two-plus years. Adventure Crew’s first six-figure gift will make a huge impact in our community, but as a restricted contribution, it does not support our on-going school-based program.
Now - Adventure Crew has a GREAT problem. We have so many students signing up at our schools, we are needing more buses, staff, volunteers and soon, adventure locations, in order to serve them all. Incredible! Here’s our society struggling to solve the tech-addiction and mental health crisis among our teens, and yet Adventure Crew kids ‘get it!’ They want to spend their weekend empowered and inspired by natureand Adventure Crew wants to make it happen. We need you! If you’ve never supported Adventure Crew before, there is no better time than now. Please – give the gift of nature to city teens.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather – get outdoors and have fun!


Kirsten Macdougal
Adventure Crew,
Executive Director

Kirsten MacDougal