From the Executive Director


During this month of Cupid’s love and candy, it’s heart-warming to see that by the generosity of others, our city teens have the opportunity to simply fall in love with nature.

Skiing epitomizes both the challenge and reward of adventures in nature. A majority of our CREW has never before been on skis or a snowboard. They’re fearful; they fall; they get frustrated; but I didn’t see one of them quit. No one returned to lodge just to get on their phone. Instead, these kids were moving, laughing, encouraging one another, and learning they’re capable of more than they may think.

My favorite mission moment: on one day, the lines were rather long for the ski lift. One of our 7th graders from Academy of World Languages had a solution. He walked back up the hill after every single run. When I commented, he told me he had to get every minute he could out of the day in order to get better at snowboarding because he wasn’t sure when he would ever get back out there again.

Yes – Adventure Crew matters. And your gift of support matters. Please keep the adventures coming!

Kirsten MacDougal