From the Executive Director


Rain Won’t Dampen our Adventurous Spirit

Our end-of-year campout last weekend brought a whole new test of character-building moments and creative thinking for our 65+ campers. 

Due to continuous rain over the weekend, a number of our planned activities were closed by our host site for safety reasons e.g. climbing wall, high ropes, etc. It was also a bit cold and dreary for any pool swimming. So initially, there was some pause in the adventure action for which we are known. I half expected “typical teen” grumblings and deep dives into their tents for isolated phone use. Not our kids; and not our staff or volunteers.

Many took off fishing, others took cover with decks of cards, and we had some great games of Wiffle Ball and Kick Ball, enhanced beautifully by the slip-n-slide effect on the wet grass. So many laughs – so much enthusiasm! Late in the evening, over 40 CREW members took part in an amazing Night Hike through the woods – the highest number we’ve ever had participate, and yes, it was still raining at the time. Over the weekend, I witnessed the inspiring resilience and positive attitudes of teens who simply remain grateful for any opportunity to be outdoors and out of the city.

At one point, I was walking aside the lake and trees with a young man from Shroder High School who is deaf. He abruptly stopped and just watched the rain hit the water so hard at a point, it looked like it was raining upside down. He then smiled and signed to me “pretty.” I was moved by the fact his deep appreciation for nature came from just the sight of rain on water. There I stood also able to hear it. Nature is a marvel.

And so, this too, is the spirit of Adventure Crew –learning to find the beauty in an otherwise dark day. Our kids passed with flying colors.

Kirsten MacDougal