The CREW's Mighty Dozen

New this last school year, and with the financial backing of the Elsa Sule Foundation, we added a summer reward program for teens who got out in nature with us 12+ times. The highlight of our Mighty Dozen’s two-day, overnight adventure was tubing for their first time ever, and when teens tell you “This is lit,” you know you’re doing something right.


In addition to boating and tubing, our Crew experienced traditional lake house activities: kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, badminton, lots of swimming, stargazing and smores over the firepit. Thanks to our incredible host, Steve Kissing, these city teens took part in what many of us take for granted – time together decompressing lake side. Come nightfall, Steve even got out his powerful telescope to give all of us a view of the moon like no other. And before returning to Cincinnati from the lakes of Indiana, the Crew zip-lined from the tree-tops in Brown County.

Science continues to prove the powerful impact of nature on our well-being. Without Adventure Crew, our city teens would not have this critical connection to the outdoors; and without your financial support, we could not continue meeting the need. Nature really is lit.

Kirsten MacDougal